Do It All Or Nothing At All

At Ojibway Lodge, the days and nights are all yours to fill with whatever you’d like. And there are plenty of options to choose from no matter what you came for!

Put on your swimsuit and take a refreshing dip in Temagami’s pristine waters. Or cast a line and reel in a walleye, small mouth bass, northern pike or lake trout to bring back to Ojibway’s kitchen or cook over your own campfire.

Canoes and kayaks are available whenever you’re ready to cruise the lake. We’ll pack you a bountiful picnic lunch or send you off with a meal you can make over a midday fire. Guided canoe trips are available, and you can even do an overnight with your family! All you’ll need to bring are sleeping bags and clothing. We’ll do the rest.  Canoe trip planning details.

But don’t limit yourself to aquatic activities. There are plenty of terrestrial destinations, too.

All Trails Lead to Wonder

Hike through wildflower-painted groves of old-growth forest. Spend afternoons adding to your life list in this birder’s paradise and simply let Devil’s Island’s abundant wildlife lead you to gorgeous lake vistas. There are ancient pictographs to discover and a historic logging camp waiting to be explored along with all kinds of natural treasures that will keep your camera busy. Take one of our picnic lunches and don’t worry about having to hurry back.  Or, if you are feeling ambitious, plan a canoe trip for as many nights as you would like.

Keewaydin Awaits!

At the far end of the island lies Camp Keewaydin, a summer destination for young campers. It’s got basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming and more. Whenever Keewaydin campers are out, it’s all yours to enjoy. Keewaydin also hosts lots of great family events throughout the summer. Ojibway guests are always welcome at these or any other times.

Slow Down to Sublime

Many of our guests find that the very best activity is none at all. And on Devil’s Island, there’s always plenty of nothing to do whenever you want it! Spend an afternoon with that book you’ve been dying to dive into. Relax on your porch and enjoy the view. Let your feet dangle in the lake and watch the sun glitter on the water. At Ojibway, the only schedule is your own.

Enter a Whole New World at Night

When the sun finally goes down, the day is just getting started. Share marshmallows around a campfire or settle back and contemplate the epic glories of an electrifying night sky untouched by civilization’s artificial lighting. Take an evening canoe trip under a pinwheeling Milky Way or retire to the lodge for some creature comforts and a game or two.