A Place Untouched,

An Experience Apart

In a noisy, hectic world, it’s easy to believe places steeped in nature’s soothing silences have vanished forever, and lasting tranquility is no longer possible to find.

But spend just a single hour at Ojibway Lodge and you’ll discover that these and many other things you thought were gone for good can be still be had.

In the northern reaches of Lake Temagami, a magnificent north-woods Eden is waiting. You’ll find it along wilderness shores that stretch for 4,800 untouched kilometers across a timeless dominion blessed with 1,500 hidden island jewels. This is the land of Ojibway. And it’s yours to wander.

Feed Your Soul & Refresh Your Spirit

Leave the world behind and enter a spectacular realm of primeval forest magic filled with wonders great and small. Journey into deep groves of ancient pine, birch and cedar, and revel in an unbreakable stillness broken only by birdsong and the call of loon and owl.

Here, you start each morning with a breath of Earth’s clearest, most unspoiled air and cup your hands to lake waters so pure you can quench your thirst without a second thought. Long leisurely hours carry you past shimmering vistas to moments of serenity that end only when you’re ready, and vibrant wildlife and myriad birds beckon on every trail. Time, at last, slows to a perfect crawl as high summer’s sun lingers far into the evening. Then the spectacle of night arrives and a blazing starlit eternity arcs overhead to fill newly opened eyes with awe.

Welcome to Devil’s Island and Ojibway Lodge. You’ll have to work a little bit to get here. But then again, that’s exactly why you’ve come.

Tanya McCubbin and Louise Pigeau, Manager and Assistant Manager

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